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You can’t build a good house on weak Foundations

Perth Building Shelter is an Independent network of industry professionals that service the homeowner with the right support and trusted information.  

In 2018 the founder, a homeowner herself recognised the desperate need for homeowners to have a place they could trust and feel safe while learning and understanding what is important when building a home.  Her discovery of lack of understanding by the homeowner and the exposure of major issues within the building industry was leaving many homeowners vulnerable and taken advantage of.

Perth Building Shelter provides education, support, building advice, a trusted team of unbiased and independent experts and a private safe online community for all Western Australia Homeowners.

Our Services

Our dedicated industry experts, combined with a n experienced homeowner that learnt the hard way makes the team the best in WA and enables us to support WA homeowners throughout their own building journey in a unique and supported way.

Early Case Assessment

Let us help you evalute your case to determine the best way forward with your builder.

Homeowner Mentoring

Our mentor program keeps you in control and empowers you with knowledge and education so you have complete peace of mind that you are getting what you paid for from your builder.

Contract Audit

Our experienced team members puts the contracts under the microscope to ensure the plans, drawings, contracts and addenda is lining up

Meeting Support

Feeling disempowered and intimidated? Our support team can provide moral support and provide immediate industry knowledge – ensuring you are treated with fairness. 

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Impact Statement

We are driven by a single goal to create a better world in WA through trust, integrity,understanding and patience.

We’re Passionate About Helping Homeowners

Don’t be taken advantage of because you don’t have knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create synergy between our clients and builders, working together in a culture of Trust, Empathy, and Compassion.

Our Vision

Restore balance and integrity within the WA buidling industry.

Our Values

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.






Happy Clients 

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candle from it”

Lisa Fenby


Highly recommend Perth Building Shelter, Deb’s advice was invaluable and was instrumental in bringing a difficult matter to a great resolution. The combination of her sound knowledge of the world of building and her very professional yet personable, friendly style makes her the perfect ally when you find yourself in need of help. A formidable resource to have on your side!

Sandra Stacey

South of the river

The quality advice Perth Building Shelter gave when we found ourselves navigating through a tough situation with a Perth Builder recently saved our sanity. Despite this being my 3rd time building, builders practices have changed it seems and not always for the better. Deb helped us find the direction we needed to resolve the issue. Building a house today is a challenge. Being equip with education and someone you can ask questions to is a valuable tool in this environment.  Congratulations to Deb and the team for making such a worthwhile organization that helps support the families trying to make a home. I wish I had known about you prior to beginning this latest house as with your help I’m certain we would have avoided the heartache we encountered.
Thanks again. Sandra


South of the river

Perth Building Shelter was referred to me by a family member as soon as I started hitting roadblocks and speed bumps with my builder. From the outset, Perth Building Shelter have been nothing but helpful, friendly, and comforting. It has been great knowing that I have someone else in my corner with me to support and to assist me with navigating the crazy path that is building a house. I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is either looking to build a house or has already started and finding how crazy it can be!

Tamara Bridge


I would like to thank Deb/Perth Building Shelter. Your advice and support has been invaluable. As a first home builder with no building knowledge or experience, I felt overwhelmed and powerless. You have helped me gain knowledge and supported me in dealing with the building company. I no longer feel overwhelmed or powerless thanks to you. I wish I was aware that Perth Building Shelter existed before I signed my contract. I hope that more people become aware of you as the service you provide is much needed.


North of the river

I want to thank Deb and the awesome team of experts that are always there to help at the Perth Building Shelter. I wish I had found the group earlier and am very glad that I did. Deb has personally taken the time to discuss a few issues and questions I have had along the way which has shone a light on the process for me. I’m also glad to be part of a group that has been nothing but informative, encouraging and supportive. They are a prime example of how a group should be.

John Morgan

St James

As a Husband, Father and now first time builder, I wanted to ensure my future family home was built to last the test of time. I reached out to Deb and her team for guidance on how to build a good relationship with my builder and what to look out for in the initial stages of the build process. Thanks to PBS’s insight and mentoring, I have a slab I’m happy with and believe I now have the personal tools to ensure that the build process will be great succes. Thanks team!